Mission Statement

To provide a studio of talented artists to produce creative media for our clients.

History of Smorgasbord Productions

…..In 1993 aspiring filmmaker and artist David Kolodny-Nagy was a freshman studying at Brandeis University . Already a media junkie, recipe he immediately became involved with the school’s event planning committee, denture helping to program the school’s film and concert series.

At the same time he also worked as a production assistant at B-TV, the campus television station, under the direction of Mike Sugar, producer of the network’s sole program.

Studying the work of Milton Berle in his media theory classes while organizing events and programs, Kolodny-Nagy was greatly inspired to create programming of his own by harnessing the talents of a diverse array of individuals. In 1994 he founded TV Smorgasbord , a campus club that would fill the B-TV programming gap created after Sugar’s graduation. The program would combine stand-up comedy, skits, animation, and news in a half hour weekly program- a virtual smorgasbord of entertainment. Not content to stop there, Kolodny-Nagy also launched Comic Smorgasbord the same year, publishing an anthology-style book that contained the work of a diverse group of graphic artists.

Currently Smorgasbord Productions has developed and pitched over ten new television shows- including reality game shows, animation and variety shows. The company is also home to seven artists (also know as Smorgies) who bring a diverse array of talents to the company from graphic design, animation and film production to screen writing and web design. At last united as a team, Smorgasbord is ready to take on the world.



Smorgasbord Productions
P.O. Box 381208
Hollywood, CA 90038-9998 U.S.A
Phone:(323) 825-1306

CEO/Lead Animator – Artist: David Kolodny Nagy
Webmaster/Lead Designer: John Earickson

Key members of Smorgasbord
[box color=black] dahveed
David (Dahveed)Kolodny-Nagy
President/Creative Director/ Head
Email: projects [@] Smorgasbordproductions.com
[box color=black]john
John W Earickson
Vice President, I.T.,
Head Designer, Webmaster
Email: john[@] Smorgasbordproductions.com
[box color=black]john
Steve Seivers

Creator Supa Pirate Booty Hunt, Voice Actor, Animator and Promotion


Additional members:

Angello di Nallo – Caricature Artist Steven Brooks – Lead Effects Artist Daron McFarland – Lead Screenwriter
Krystina Haggerty -Animator Danny Gheen – Lead 3D Animator Sean Bishopanimator and segment producer